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The fault treatment methods for sand and dust test chamber

In life, we all know that no matter what is used for a long time, it will be easy to the fault occurs. At this time, we will feel helpless and do not know how to deal with it.Then today we will explain how to deal with the sand and dust test chamber of Lenpure instrument in case of failure.

1.  The starting instrument of the sand and dust test chamber is not on and out of power: first, check whether the power supply is normal, and then check whether the  phase sequence is normal and whether there is zero line.

2.  The test chamber is unable to simulate the dust weather during the experiment: first, check whether the draught fan operates normally or is too small; second, check whether the dust in the test chamber is dry.

3.  The test box is not working: check whether the motor of the equipment is normal.

4.  The sand and dust test box shall be managed and operated by a professional person, and the body of test chamber shall be cleaned regularly. The repair and maintenance of the equipment shall also be carried out by professional personnel on a regular basis.

5.  In order to make the test chamber play a stable function and performance, the equipment should be placed in a space with an annual temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity below 85%.Secondly, the equipment should be installed in a place without direct sunlight, with good ventilation and no blockage. The equipment should be located far away from combustibles, explosives and high-temperature heating sources. Meanwhile, the equipment should be installed in a place with less dust and as close to the power supply as possible.

6.  The distance between adjacent walls or objects should also be appropriate.

As long as we can follow the above requirements when installing the sand and dust test chamber, the chances of equipment failure will be greatly reduced.

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