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Cyclic Salt Spray Test

Cyclic salt spray test is used to identify the performance of electron components and facilities work or store under damp heat,salt corrosion condition.

Cyclic salt spray test chamber also applied to corrosion test,examine non-metal materials affection from salt fog.

Salt corrosion to metal materials is electrochemical,while to non-metal materials is caused by chemical reaction.The rate of corrosion is mostly decided by the salt solution ,temperature inside and environmental humidity temperature while testing.

In the duration,spray time should be efficient to humidify the test specimens,In the cycle, salt fog will re-spray after damp heat period.

It simulate the natural salt fog environmental in the maximum extend.

This chamber is for accelerating test,but it is not practical to make the same accelerate system to various test specimens.

Cycle salt spray test chamber consists of damp heat,salt spray,dry functions. Test specimens should be in the power off state while salt spray and damp heat processes.