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  Shanghai Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in Lin-frequency technology industry base in China, Shanghai Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a professional environmental testing equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech joint-stock enterprises. After years of hard work market baptism and accumulation, forest-frequency instrument environmental testing equipment has become one of the leading field.

  Relying on comprehensive human well-known universities and scientific resources, forest-frequency instrument and Shanghai Jiaotong University has established strategic partnerships, Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the field of low temperature research and the world's leading environmental testing, the domestic first-class detection technology, low-temperature testing equipment and instruments, physical properties of materials at low temperature and low temperature insulation technology research, with the most advanced core technology, computing software and research tools, a move to create a forest environment in the high-frequency test equipment, instrumentation technology, both in leadership and personnel training, R & D, such as all-round cooperation achievements into a new situation.

  Other environmental testing related products, has been since the launch of the industry and the vast majority of users prefer, if you are interested in our environmental test equipment, please contact our sales staff, we will provide you with more and better products and improve service programs! We have a prototype of the industry's largest exhibition hall and first-class production equipment, testing technology, advanced anti-static spray shop and multi-station CNC punch, bending machine, shears, lathes and other equipment that produces environmental test equipment technology superb, stable performance, and product technology has a number of software patents and copyrights, to examine the constant stream of customers the company, have signed the order with the company, overall strength and profitability among the front ranks.

  Global Toll Free: 4000662888
  Address: 58 Xiangyun Road, Minhang Economic & Technological Development Zone, Shanghai, China

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