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  Linpin connotation: quality verifies success, services embody integrity, economic development comes from technical innovation, how to transform research and development of scientific achievements into practical productive forces is the main subject. Research services in production, feedback information from production to research and development, so as to complement each other, and consolidate and develop our core technologies.

                                 --Products and technologies are the core of competition

  Linpin idea : put ourselves in our customers¨ shores, worry about customer emergences. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Strictly define and execute company policies and compliment and reward our sales elites annually so that our sales force will always be improved and complemented. Thus we will forge a top level sales team.

                                           - To build a first class sales team

  Linpin service : survive by quality, develop by products. Offer fair prices and good services ^listening ̄ and ^planning ̄ are our guidelines. We will react swiftly, execute instantly and pay attention to customers voices to enhance the communication. We call our customers back in defined intervals and visit our customers every year. By creating value for our clients and satisfying customer needs is the ideal way to grow stronger in together with our customers.

                              - Listen to customer voices, and be with customers in any time

  Linpin Style: Shanghai Linpin Co., Ltd. cooperates with higher education institutions, well-known corporations and distributors to make efforts together in order to create bright and splendid future.

                                  - Working together to open future and initiate success

  Culture is the projection of history. Corporation culture is refined during the long journey of business operation, by advocacy, accumulating and filtering. It is the soul and hidden production force and the strategy activity to build a corporation¨s core competitiveness.

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