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How to complete the spray of salt fog test chamber?

Salt spray test chamber spray air source : The gas is produced by compressed air of the air compressor, purified by the oil-water separator, then entered  into the saturated tank with distilled water (saturated barrel temperature should be higher than the salt spray chamber test temperature), and finally through the pressure regulating valve into the sprayer.
Salt spray chamber spray principle: Each salt corrosion test chamber should have a collection area of 80 cm 2 and the number of sprays per unit of time is adjusted so that the salt spray chamber can provide an average concentration of salt mist for each collection container to collects. The collection time is at least 16hs 1.5 ±0.5ml per hour. If the test time is less than 16 hours, the average time to calculate the average time is at least 8 hours.
The working principle of compressed air in the salt mist box: Air pressure of 0.7 to1.4bar without any drit, clay, oil and other contaminants. Separation using grease liquid separator or ceramic pressure filter, Remaining pollutants in compressed air not exceeding 0.2 mg per cubic metre and oil and dust particles less than 5 μ m, Using deionized water and clean compressed air to inject air humidifiers to keep air humidity, SS and ASS stays at 33-37℃,CASS stays at 50±2℃. The water is fully mixed with compressed air to prevent the salt solution from increasing in concentration due to the concentration of NaCl during operation.