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Installation guide for walk-in test chamber

Installation requirement
Need to prepare electricity, condensed water, humidity water, compressed air, liquid nitrogen.Certain devices may have additional requirements.The shaking table needs to be installed with vacuum tube.Please see the user manual for detailed requirements.
Hot load
The test chamber shall be placed in a position conducive to the cooling of the condenser.In general, the heat output of the bipolar air cooling system of the high temperature stage compressor is about 12,000 BTU/ h.The single-pole air cooling system of the high temperature stage compressor emits about 15,000 BTU/ h.
Maintenance space
36 inches of space around the test chamber is required to facilitate equipment maintenance.Small test chamber with casters can be placed more compact because it is easier to move when there is not enough space.
Test chamber placement
The air-cooling test chamber shall be placed in the temperature control room with good ventilation conditions, and the air flow on the condenser surface shall be very large.Due to the type of test chamber, the space requirements around the test chamber are different, but the minimum requirement is 12 to 15 inches.For optimum performance of the chamber, the chamber air supplied to the condenser shall be sufficient.
Remote cooling or remote air cooling condenser
If the test chamber has a remote cooling section or a remote air cooled condenser, the location of these systems needs to be selected.If the installation location is not carefully designed, it is likely to increase the installation cost and reduce the performance of the equipment.In general, the less internal connections, the better, and the more efficient the refrigeration system.
Walk-in test chamber
Installation of a walk-in test chamber requires some preparation.For the installation of a walk-in test chamber, flatness of the ground is essential.If the ground is uneven, the installation is very difficult, which will not only cause instability of the chamber structure, but also affect the performance of the test chamber, and even reduce the service life of the test chamber in serious cases.
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