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Application and characteristics of programmable high and low temperature humidity test cham

Programmable high and low temperature humidity test chamber is a common type of test chamber, used for testing the industry to determine electrical, electronic, other products and materials for high temperature, low temperature, damp&heat or constant to test temperature changes.
The following is usage and characteristics of programmable high and low temperature humidity test chamber.
Programmable high and low temperature humidity test chamber is necessary test equipment for aerospace,automotive,electronics and pharmaceuticals industry etc.It can be used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical,electronic products and materials in high temperature,low temperature or damp test environment.
1、Apparatus adopts an integral structure, a microcomputer automatic control, digital LED.
2、The accurately designed duct structure can effectively prevent the condensation frost in the temperature and humidity cycle test.
3、Coated hollow&electric heating glass,low temperature non-freezing frost.
4、Refrigeration compressor and key parts can run for a long time and stable, environment-friendly refrigerant refrigeration in accordance with the requirements of international environmental protection conventions.
5、Various optional accessories: RS232/485 communication interface, record printer, remote temperature control system (including printer, communication software, computer, etc.).
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