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The solution to deal with the failure of sand and dust test chamber

During the process of testing,the sand and dust test chamber may be run out of order due to power failure, operation error and other reasons.How to deal with the test failure without affecting the reliability and authenticity of the test results?The following points are about the failure treatment method of sand and dust test chamber:
1, The starting instrument of sand and dust test chamber is not bright and out of power: check whether the power supply is normal, check whether the phase sequence is normal, whether there is zero line.
2, The test chamber shall be managed and operated by a special person, and the box body and blower shall be cleaned regularly, and regularly maintained by professionals.
3, In order to steadily play the function and performance of the test chamber, the space of perennial temperature should be selected between 15 and 25 degrees and the relative humidity should be less than 85%.
4, The distance between adjacent walls or objects.Avoid sharp changes in the ambient temperature of the installation site.
5, It should be installed in a place without direct sunlight.It should be installed in a well-ventilated place to avoid combustibles, explosives and high temperature sources.The equipment should be installed in a place with little dust and as close as possible to the power supply.
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