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The refrigeration system of temperature and humidity test chamber

Refrigeration system is the most important part of temperature and humidity test chamber, and its quality directly affects the quality of test chamber. It is the focus core during the research and design of test chamber.
The key of refrigeration system is not only the cooling rate and cooling effect of equipment. More cost epends on its making and after - sale.The refrigeration system needs pressure, welding, vacuum and freon filling in the pre-production process.
If problems occur later, the after-sales cost is higher, mainly due to the difficulty of handling.So refrigeration systems are very important.There are different kinds of refrigeration systems, such as daily refrigerators and air conditioners.
Different kinds of refrigeration systems have different advantages and disadvantages. Today, I will tell you about the main refrigeration systems of temperature-adjusting and humidity-adjusting.
The usual methods of refrigeration are divided into three types: mechanical refrigeration, liquid nitrogen refrigeration, mechanical refrigeration and liquid nitrogen refrigeration.
Mechanical refrigeration has been quite mature in the refrigeration technology, which is divided into single-stage refrigeration and cascade refrigeration.Cooling methods are also divided into air cooling and water cooling.
The current domestic small temperature and humidity test chamber refrigeration with French "Tecumesh" enclosed air-cooled single-stage/binary compressor cooling way, like walk-in laboratory or rapid temperature change chamber,DWM COPELAND,GEA semi-closed compressor, but the cooling rate is limited, generally in the range of 1 ~ 10 ℃ / min, no more than 15 ℃ / min.
For high cooling rate, can be achieved by liquid nitrogen refrigeration, but can be by mechanical design, make the heating chamber is separated from cooling chamber.Liquid nitrogen with good cooling performance, its boiling point under the atmospheric pressure is 195.8 ℃, refrigeration and low temperature can reach 150 ℃, the cooling rate can reach more than 60 ℃ / min.As an industrial ancillary product, the cost of liquid nitrogen is becoming cheaper.
Therefore, the liquid nitrogen refrigeration technology is gradually applied to the environmental testing equipment requiring high cooling rate and ultra-low temperature.
Above, the selection of refrigeration system and refrigeration mode of temperature and humidity test chamber at present is mainly based on the specific test requirements, and the reasonable selection of refrigeration system according to the equipment size, temperature and cooling rate.
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