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The maintenance of salt spray test chamber

As we all know, maintain the test chamber is very important and necessary, However, how to maintain is a big doubt, today i will show some ideas about it?

Hope it is helpful to you.
1. Lubricate the air compressor of the test chamber regularly;
2. Restart the machine for testing when it has not been used for a long time, and check all electrical systems first;
3. When the nozzle fouling occurs, and remove the nozzle with alcohol xylene or 1:1 hydrochloric acid for cleaning, or with ultra-fine steel wire dredge, but must pay attention to prevent damage to the surface of the nozzle cavity and affect the spray efficiency;
4. Check the air control valve function regularly;
5. If the test is not carried out for a long time, then turn on the saturator to empty the water, and replace the memory water of the saturator regularly in normal use;
6. If the salt solution used in the test, but is not used for more than one week, please do not use it again to avoid affecting the test;
7. After the test, the test chamber should be cleaned and kept in a dry environment as far as possible;
8. Salt spray corrosion testing machine control panel of electrical components, such as failure needs to be replaced, and should be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer, in case of cause trouble;
9. After the test, clean the inside of the laboratory, drain the water in the heating tank, and finally keep the appearance of the salt spray corrosion testing machine and equipment clean and tidy;
10. It is one of the daily cleaning work, and it must be done every day.
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