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UV ultraviolet lamp weather test chambers

Ultraviolet radiation can cause photodegradation of materials exposed outdoors, such as coatings, paints, plastics, rubber and so on. In order to obtain the properties of materials and products that resist light aging, It is necessary to get data from accelerated tests in just a few days or months rather than from natural exposure for months or even years. UV ultraviolet lamp weather test chambers simulate the key short-wave ultraviolet radiation, reoccurring the real reproduction of physical performance damage caused by sunlight. These damages include loss of luster, fading, powdering, cracking, chap, blurring, embrittlement, foaming, and strength. The following are maintenance measures.
1. keep the appearance of the box clean and avoid dust intrusion.
2. After each test, drain the water from the inside, have the studio and the box dry, avoid hitting the box by the external force.
3. Prohibition of chemical contact with this equipment.
4. The laboratory maintains a dry environment, in order to prevent the invasion of dust. It is recommended to use plastic film or cloth cover after use. If there is dust, we must clear it in time.
5. Absolutely prohibit setting temperature exceeding the maximum temperature specified in this equipment.
6. Check the circuit control system before turning on the machine.
7. Confirmation of power supply and grounding wire.
8. Check whether the overtemperature protector has been set (when the factory is adjusted, there is no need to adjust).
9. Air ventilator should be installed in the laboratory to keep indoor ventilation.
10. pay attention to the water level of the tank and replenish tap water in time when doing spray test.
11. After the test, the power of the whole machine is cut off.