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Rapid Temperature Test Chamber


Are you looking for Rapid Temperature Test Chamber or Temperature fast change Test Chamber? Which temperature will changed very fast ,for example 6C/min 10C/min 15C/min etc.
This fast ramp temperature test chamber requires a lot,for example refrigerate system is more complicate than normal model,which means higher cost.
If the application is always requires for example 15C/ min ,that fine, the all time running will make the equipment’s worth the value.
What about back up?
For example, the application requires 10C/min always and only some times 15C/min ,in this case ,the temperature chamber with ramp rate of 15C/min will be over-qualified for 10C/min.
In this case,LENPURE has developed a new solution.
We will prepare you a system for 10C/min.,and an extra design for LN2 assistant to achieve 15C/min.
A pretty good economic method.
Plus, it is still easy to install with normal dimension.


For more details, please contact sales@lenpure.com