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Three brand compressors of Walk-in Test Chamber

Compressor is one of the core parts of refrigeration sysrtem, it  is a kind of driven fluid machinery which elevates low pressure gas to high pressure gas. The most widely used Walk- in Test chamber in the environmental test industry are Germany BIZTER compressor,German Copeland Compressor, and French Tecumseh Compressor.
French Tecumseh Compressor:
① Balance design, low vibratio, Low noise, and the operation is more stable. 
② High efficiency, energy saving.
Germany Bitzer compressor:
① From C1 to C4 are adopted high quality wear-resistant parts, octagonal design, so that the compressor has minimal space requirements.
② The oil system adopts splash lubrication, which can ensure good compressor oil supply even under the extreme operating conditions.
German Copeland Compressor:
① High volumetric efficiency :the pressure difference between the adjacent crescent space of the scroll compressor is small, the leakage is less, there is no steam absorption and exhaust valve, the resistance is small, there is no residual clearance volume expansion.
② High adiabatic efficiency:Under the same refrigerating capacity, the vortex compressor is about 10 times higher than the reciprocating compressor.
③ Less noise, less vibration
④ A solid cast iron body provides a large cooling area to improve the cooling effect of the compressor, and adopts a lightweight aluminum piston to reduce friction and vibration, with a sophisticated electronic protective film block that provides overall motor protection.

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