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How to handle the humidity display 100% of the constant temperature humidity test chamber?

Firstly, please check the hanging mode and position of wet ball gauze first.
Open the door, look at the upper right corner, the above one is a dry- bulb sensor, the below one is a wet-bulb sensor. Follow this steps: the wet-bulb gauze should be hung on the wet-bulb sensor with the lower end immersed in the sink of the wet-bulb gauze to absorb the water from the sink easily and be soaked. Otherwise, the gauze can't fully absorb the water so as to cause the humidity not being dropped down or beyond the control.
when doing humidity test, you must check whether the wet-bulb gauze has been hung up or was soaked, and make sure the gauze hasn’t become yellow, otherwise, you should replace a new gauze.
If the hanging mode is correct but the humidity display still shows 100 %, check the water sink whether there is no water or low water level cause the gauze cannot absorb water, focus on the following parts:
a、Please check whether there is water in water level box where near to the water sink, if not, maybe the floating-ball damage.
b、Magnetic pump damage, measured with multimeter voltage, if open, so the circuit damage 
c、Interval water supply timer damaged, unable to replenish water normally

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