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Environmental Test Chambers for IPC-TM-650

Environmental Test Chambers for IPC-TM-650 2.6.6 : Temperature cycling, printed wiring board
This standard tests the temperature cycling of printed wiring board, so it is necessary for a environmental test chamber which can meet the specific temperature requirement.

This test is conducted for the purpose of determining the resistance of a material such as a laminate or multilayer circuit board, to the shock of repeated exposures to extremes of high and low temperatures for comparatively short periods of time.  
This test specimen for this test shall be a sheet of laminate material at least 6 inch × 6 inch by the thickness of the laminate. In the case of multilayer boards, the test specimen shall be the entire qualification specimen detailed in prat 5.8.4 of this publication.

A chamber automatic temperature cycling equipment suitable for the temperature extremes specified herein. The air temperature shall be maintained by forced air circulation. The chamber shall have sufficient heating or cooling capacity to maintain the specified air temperature.
During the exposures, maintain the chamber at the temperatures shown below:

The test specimen must be cleaned of dirt, grease, and other contaminants prior to the thermal exposures. The test specimen should be cleaned by wiping with a dry, clean lint-free cloth, or wiped with a clean lint-free cloth dampened with acetone or isopropyl alcohol. The specimen must be allowed to air dry prior to thermal exposure.
The test specimen must be placed in the thermal chamber maintained at the temperature specified in Step 1 for the appropriate test condition. The test specimen must be maintained at each temperature in the order specified.
Through calculation, we can see the ramp up and down rate both are exceed 2℃/min.
Our rapid temperature change test chamber meet this rate.

The difference of high and low temperature test chamber and rapid temperature test chamber is the ramp up and down rate.
The ramp up rate of high and low temperature test chamber is 1-3℃/min.
The ramp up rate of rapid temperature test chamber is 5℃/min.

The ramp down rate of high and low temperature test chamber is 0.7-1℃/min.
The ramp down rate of rapid temperature test chamber is 5℃/min.
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