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IPX3/IPX4 Rain Test Chamber

Model: 855L/2551L

Apply to: Waterproof Tests

Application: Automotive, LED, Electronics, etc

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    Rain Test Chamber is applied to test water resistance performance of enclosures of automotive parts, outdoor lamps and electronics, etc. It has one swing pipe with spray nozzles which spray water onto test items on the Rotary Table in test area.


    ● Three sizes are available:855Land2551L. Non-standard sizes can be customized.
    ● Two colors available: white, blue.
    ● IPX3 and IPX4 functions made on one test chamber, more convenient and cost-effective.
    ● Nozzle needles are screw-in type, tightly installed.
    ● Programmable controller with touch-screen display. Data logging and download.
    ● Rotational speed of rotary table is adjustable.
    ● Cable access port φ50mm,100mm and 160mm are available.
    ● Easy-to-operate models
    ● Fixable and movable casters with great convenience.
    ● Multiple protections on phase sequence, power leakage, etc.
    ● Easily accessible maintenance elements

    Test Standard

    This test equipment conforms to following test standard:
    ● IEC60529 IPX3 IPX4

    Sizes of Rain Test Chambers
    Volume (L)
    Internal Dimension
    D*W*H (mm)
    External Dimension
    D*W*H  (mm) 
    IPX3 Test
    IPX4 Test
    Radius of Swing Pipe 200mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm available (or as per other requirement)
    Swing Pipe Speed 25°~45°/s
    Water Spray Pressure 50~100kpa
    IPX3 Swing Angle
    IPX4 Swing Angle
    Spray water from ±60°
    Spray water for ±170°
    Rotary Table 1~3r/min
    Water Flow Rate 0.07L(±5%)/min for each nozzle
    Illumination Lamp Yes
    Water Required Purified and softened running water
    External Casing Cold-rolled A3 (Q235) steel plates with plastics painted. 
    Interior Working Room Stainless Steel Plates SUS304 with miror surface
    Heat Isolation Polyurethane foams and fine glass fibres
    Illumination Lamp Philips® x one
    Casters 4pcs, with PU covered for protection. Fixable and moveable.
    Viewing Window Toughened glass with conductive films for heating to defrost
    Door Manually operated sliding door with unlock button
    Control System
    Controller Programmable Touch-screen controller with data logging and download function
    Water Storage Water tank for storing water for recycling use
    Safety Protection Power leakage protection, over-load or over-current protection/Dry burning protection.
    Voltage AC220V/380V/440V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz or as per requirement
    Ambient Enviromental for application 5°C~+30°C ≤ 85%R.H
    Test Standards (not limited to) IEC 60529 IPX3 and IPX4