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UV weather resistance test chamber


Apply to:UV Aging Test

Application:Coating,Plastic,Hardware,Textile,Wooden Floor,Ttoy

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    Lenpure UV-Lamp Weathering Test Chamber Take fluorescent UV lamp as light source to simulate the UV irradiation in natural light and condensation to conduct accelerated weathering test to the materials. It can simulate the UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensate, darkness and other environmental conditions in natural climate and combine them in a circle, and carry out these circles automatically.


    ▪Black Panel Temperature (BPT) Control
    ▪Touch-screen controller, user-friendly
    ▪With irradiance monitor function
    ▪Import Q-Lab air-cooled UV lamp, more economical, more efficient and easier to maintain. Lamp life of 1800 hours.
    ▪Door Safety and Over-temperature Shutoff
    ▪The irradiance control system continuously monitors and controls the output of the light, which ensures accurate exposure and repeatable test results.
    ▪Allows the user to simultaneously control and monitor relative humidity, blackboard temperature and air temperature in the box.
    ▪All circuits fused or circuit breaker protected, overload protection.
    ▪CE Compliance and UL & CSA Certified
    ▪ Tri-color Indicator and EMO (Emergency-off Switch) available.

    Test Standards

    ASTM D4329 , ASTM G151
    ISO 4892-1/3 , ISO 11507 , ISO 11895
    EN 927-6 , EN 12224
    SAE J2020
    JIS D 0205

    This test equipment comply with above test standards (but not limited to):

    Volume (L)
    Temperature Range
    Rated Power 
    Internal Dimension (mm) D*W*H
    External Dimension             (mm) D*W*H
    RT+10°C ~ 70°C
    Basic Specification
    Temperature Range RT+10°C ~ 70°C
    Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5°C
    Temperature Uniformity ≤2.0°C
    Blackboard / Black Standard Temperature 60°C ~ 100°C
    Humidity Range ≥95%RH
    Distance between sample and lamp 50mm
    UV Lamp Brand Q-Lab  , UV-A / UV-B
    UV Lamp power 40W/ Pc
    Wave Length 290nm ~ 400nm
    Radiation Indensity ≤550W/m2
    Simulate Condensation Time Range 1~9999H   adjustable
    Sample holder size 365*75mm
    Sample holder Qty 24 unit
    External Casing Cold-rolled A3 (Q235) steel plates with plastics painted. 
    Interior Working Room Stainless Steel Plates SUS304 with miror surface
    Casters 4pcs, with PU covered for protection. Height adjustable and direction universal. 
    Door Manually operated sliding door with unlock button
    Control System
    Heater Steipped Nickel-chromium Wire Heater
    Controller 7" Programmable colorful touch-screen display
    LCD English Display
    Microcomputer integrated controller
    Standard Configuration UV-A or UV-B x 8 ,  Specimen Holder x 1 unit (24 pcs)
    Safety Protection Power leakage protection, over-load or over-current protection/Dry burning protection.
    Voltage AC220V/380V/440V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz or as per requirement
    Ambient Enviromental for application 5°C~+30°C ≤ 85% R.H