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Special tests: Dust Test

Special tests: Dust Test
Temperature and humidity are not the only climate conditions need to be simulated for products testing. Specialized designs for additional conditions that products may be affected by has been developed. Many of these come out of the automotive industry, which has to deal with the broadest range of operating conditions. Here comes Dust Test

Dust Chamber Sounds simple enough—build a box that creates a continuous environment of dust. It is, but there are many details to consider. The floor of the chamber is an inverse pyramid. At the tip of the cone, an air nozzle lets in compressed air. The cone is filled with dust (specifically, “Arizona fine dust”). A wire shelf above the floor holds the part under test. A window and rubber gloves thru the door allow the parts to be turned to ensure even exposure without opening the door. Special considerations were made to ensure that the dust is continuously dispersed and not accumulating on the floor. The compressed air is dried to keep the dust from clumping. And a special clamshell type door is used for easy loading.

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