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Climate chambers JASO-D902 thermal shock durability test

Climate chambers JASO-D902 thermal shock durability test
Lenpure Climate Programmable Two Zones Thermal Shock Test Chambers give the maximum durability and performance for your most demanding test requirements.It is the necessary test equipment for aviation, Aerospace, automotive, electronics, military and solar panel industry etc.
It can be used to test and determine the parameters and performance of electrical, electronic products and materials in the most extreme temperature and humidity conditions.
JASO-D902 standard stipulate the standardized testing methods for evaluating the durability of automotive electronic equipment used with 12-V or 24-V normal voltage power suppliers under specific ambient conditions
Objective Assessment: In the process of equipment use, the degradation of the welding spot characteristics due to thermal fatigue, in particular the service life of the solder joints.
The test device includes the following two constant temperature rooms, or a combination of the two, Allow the test assembly to be brought to the specified temperature in the five-minute internal cavity
The temperature of the incubator is maintained at-40 ° C + 2C
The temperature of the incubator is maintained at 85 ° C + 2
The operating test elements shall be placed in a cryogenic thermostatic box preset to 40c and placed at the time specified in Table 5. Then remove the test parts, quickly put into the high temperature thermostats specified in Table 4 preset, and place 5 according to the time specified in the table.
The components are then quickly placed in the cryogenic thermostats specified in Table 4 and placed at the time specified in Table 5. These steps form a test cycle  which is repeated 200 times in a row before removing the test component from the cavity and allowing it to be placed at room temperature for two hours or more; it will then be repeated 200 times in the manner described in figure 3.
Carry out the test. Record the characteristics of the equipment and check the surface of the circuit board.

Some suggestions are given below, and the basic parameters should be paid attention to in the purchase of cold and hot shock test chamber and i will introduce Lenpure thermal shock temperature test chamber.
●Programmable Touch Screen Controller
●Custom Sizes Available
●Running Time Meter
●Capable of Handling Extreme Temperature
●High Performance Even Under Load
●Incandescent Interior Lighting
●Modular,Robust Reliable Construction
●Stainless Steel Interior
●Painted Galvanized Steel Exterior For Long Life
●Heavy-duty Flooring to Support Vehicles
●Mechanical Cooling
●Comprehensive Safety Features
●Refrigeration Gauges
●Refrigeration Sound Deadening Package
●All Circuits Fused or Circuit Breaker Protected.
●All Wiring Numbered or Color Coded
●Compressor Overload Protection
●Prefabricated for On-Site Installation
When the chamber arrive at your lab, The next thing to consider is how to install it.
There are some notes for you:
When installing Chamber, the Chamber shall be grounded, otherwise the risk of electric shock may occur due to leakage. Don't run the climate test equipment and carry out the test until it is installed reliably.
When there are the heating samples placed in the Chamber, please employ the additional power supply instead of this machine power supply as the control power supply of the samples.
Due to a dangerous current produced in running process of the Chamber, therefore, non-professional personnel do not open the cover plate of the electrical control box. If the Chamber is not equipped with the humidifying function, please pay attention to the different operation steps and requirements when reading the instructions.
During running, all kinds of motors and fans are under the control of the controller and activated according to the orders. Therefore, don't touch any component in the temporarily idle state so to prevent the component from starting up suddenly, which may cause personal injury. When you do need to work near the rotating parts, please cut off the main power switch and ensure the protective equipment in good condition.
Do not move the Chamber when there is a sample in it, otherwise the sample may reverse or fall off. The Chamber must be installed horizontally; otherwise it will cause alarm or unstable humidity control.
Before use, make sure that the Chamber is fixed, namely the caster is unearthed and adjustable feet are grounded, otherwise it may move by accident under the effect of external force. Please carefully read the safety requirements and safety signs on the climate test equipment before testing with the  Chamber.
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