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Salt spray test chamber for SAE J1563 cyclic salt spray test

Salt spray test chamber for SAE J1563 cyclic salt spray test
In cyclic corrosion testing, test specimens are exposed to at least three different types of environmental conditions: a. Corrosive Solution, wet conditions, dry conditions and cycled from one environmental to another.
Lenpure Salt Spray Test Chamber could evaluate the anti-corrosion ability of materal and material coating , make a comparsion about the product techniques and quality of similar coating and products , It be used to test the electronic elements, and metal materials and industrial products.

The diagram in figure 1 is an example of cyclic test which consists of three environment type:

Prior to testing, the type of specimen surface and the surface and the panel preparation should be agreed to by personnel involved, and should simulate actual production material and conditions. The number of test specimens selected should be sufficient to ensure that the test result are statistically significant at some predetermined confidence level. Any unusual observations made during panel preparation should be recorded and reported as part of the test results.
In addition to the test specimens, control panels should be tested concurrently. It is preferred that control panels be provided which bracket the expected test panel performance. The controls will allow the normalization of the test conditions during repeated running of the test and will also allow comparison of test results from different repeats of the test.
In situations where the test cycle has to be interrupted due to equipment malfunction goliday breaks, the test panels should be stored under the least corrosive conditions available. For example a dry cycle or a freeze cycle. Preferably, test interruptions should not exceed 5 days but all interruptions and handing of panels should be reported.
Transition between conditions is considered ramp time. Ramp time from condition to condition can be a critical factor affecting results. Depending on types of equipment used and cabinet loading, ramp time may vary and should be monitored and rec
 Salt spray (35℃, 10 min)      Drying( 60℃, 155min)      wetting(60℃ 95%RH 75 min)
        Drying (60℃ 150min)       wetting( 60℃, 95%RH 80 min)
The following are introduces of  cyclic salt spray chamber feature for your reference.
▪ 7'' Colorful Programmable touch screen controller , user-friendly , can remoto-control
▪ Imported reinforced hard PP plates with smooth and flat surface

▪ Imported transparent impact-resistant plates as observe window
▪ All pipe is anti-corrosion can be used 15years 

▪ Adopt water seal method to prevent leakage of salt spray
▪ With air pressure cylinder for convenient operation

▪ Independent heating system , fast speed , temperature and humidity are evenly distributed
▪ Equipped with automatic demisting device

▪ Fault alarm and resolution remind function
▪ Power failure protection function

▪ Self-diagnosis function
▪ Calendar timing function
▪ Tri-color Indicator and EMO (Emergency-off Switch) available.

Basic Specification
Performance Temperature Range -30°C~60°C
Air Saturator RT+10°C ~ 70°C
Humidity Range 30% ~ 98% RH
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.5°C
Temperature Uniformity ≤ 2.0°C
Temp. ramp up rate 0.5℃~1.5℃/min
Temp. ramp down rate 0.5℃~1.0℃/min
Salt fog fall-out Rate 1~2ml/80 cm².h(Ave in 16 hours)
Air Pressure  2.00±0.01(kg/cm²)
Spray Method Optional continuous/periodic test time: 1~9999 H、M、S (Adjustable)
Period time 1~99 H , M , S (Adjustable)
Test specimen shelf Test specimen shelf can meet the requirements of 15℃~30℃ tilt test
Material Chamber material Be made of imported reinforced hard PP plates with smooth and flat surface
Saturated air cylinder Made of imported high-quality mirror-finished stainless steel plates (SUS304)
Pipe Reinforced fluorosilicone rubber tube
Casters 4pcs, with PU covered for protection. Height adjustable and direction universal. 
Compressor Hermetically-sealed Techmesh® or semi-sealed Bitzer® or GEA® or equivalent compressors
Cooling Method Single or dual cooling (Air-cooled or Water-cooled)
Refrigerant R404A or/and R23 (eco-friendly)
Viewing Window Multi-layer hollow toughened glass 
Control System breaker Schneider miniature circuit breaker
Heater Steipped Nickel-chromium Wire Heater
Controller 7'' HD true color LCD touch display
Have the function of Real-time monitoring, and store 600 days of historical records, is allowed to export or upload data with U disc , also can realised remoto control
Temperature Sensor Platinum Resistance.PT100Ω
Standard Configuration Round stick *8, V-shaped sample shelf *4 , Glass nozzle *2 , Funnel *2 , metering cylinder * 2    . Depend on chamber Model
Safety Protection Power leakage protection, Low water level protection, over-load or over-current protection/Dry burning protection.
Voltage 380V/440V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz or as per requirement
Ambient Enviromental for application 5°C~+30°C ≤ 85% R.H
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