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Any products life are closely related with its use and maintenance .High and low temperature test chamber is also, we can not always hold the idea for maintenance, of course need to pay attention to using process. Specific by the introduction of how the operation of small series is more conducive to the high and low temperature test chamber.

First of all, inspect whether the water tank is sufficient in high and low temperature test chamber, whether cover the water tank and whether reset drainage switch.

Secondly, be sure to confirm the wet bulb gauze clean and moist and should be cleaned every month, every three months to replace wet gauze to ensure that the normal use.

Then, check the high and low temperature test box dry bulb temperature protection switch which should be set to 20 ~30 and the temperature set point of the temperature protection device should be set to 20;

Finally, if the test did not include the humidity test, only do the temperature test, please take down the wet ball gauze, because the wet ball gauze in the high temperature of 85, can not be used to absorb water.

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